I'm Danilo Yoshio and passionate about music.


I'm Danilo Yoshio, I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I started to be interested in music at the age of 9 when I got my first guitar.

I studied guitar at IG&T (Guitar and Technology Institute) at EM&T (Music and Technology School) in São Paulo, Brazil.

I also studied music production at 2600Hz Musical Creations – School of Music Production and Professional Audio with certification from the German company Steinberg.

I have already participated in television programs such as TV Gazeta in Ronnie Von's Todo Seu program and also in TV Cultura in the Pé na Estrada program.

I was a guitarist in cover and original bands. In addition to the jam appearances when I was in Toronto, Canada and Matsumoto, Japan.

In early 2017 I released my first single For My Girl and at the end of 2018 I released another single called On the Road to Heaven.

I'm currently working on my new project Yoshi Studios, creating tracks and producing instrumental music.


Upcoming Dates


Apr/23 - L&P Acústico - O'Malley's Bar - São Paulo, SP - More info

Apr/30 - L&P Acústico - O'Malley's Bar - São Paulo, SP - More info


Here are my compositions and albums. Check out!

  • On The Heaven Road - CD Cover

    On the Road To Heaven

    Release 2017

    Music with a special dedication in memory of my father.

  • Inspire Run Break EP Cover

    Inspire, Run & Break

    Release 2018

    The album Inspire, Run & Break was created with songs to inspire, provide a sense of freedom and break any kind of tension.

  • image 3

    For My Girl

    Release 2017

    First recorded version of this song was in 2010 with a special dedication to my wife.


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